What is NLP?

NLP was foundered by Dr Richard Bandler and John Grinder in the 1970's.

The basis of NLP is the belief that everybody has the means to make positive changes in their life within themselves, and the key is to change the communication to the subconscious to allow the changes that you want in your life

A bit about your mind...

It is your subconscious processes which are driving the behaviours. Whether that's eating a full packet of biscuits when you aren't hungry, or avoidance of a task, orĀ  being unable to feel calm and relaxed when doing a presentation, your subconscious is providing the behaviour that it thinks you want.

In NLP the belief is that Every Behaviour has a positive intention, even though to you it may not feel like that!

The secret is to understand the language of your mind, to change your thoughts and therefore to change your behaviour, ultimately giving you the new behaviours and outcomes that you want.

NLP techniques can change your perception of a situation, and therefore change your behaviour and feelings towards them

How I use NLP with clients

Like hypnosis, NLP requires you to access your subconscious, so in the same way as with hypnotherapy, you will relax and I will guide you through techniques to change your thoughts. This is a more conscious process than full hypnotherapy, so I use the techniques at the start of the session and re-enforce them under hypnosis.

Techniques that I use can help to reduce anxious feelings, eliminate phobia and fear, remove negative thoughts and memories, switch off unhelpful inner dialogue as well as many more.

NLP produces rapid results so I find that using it alongside hypnotherapy can be very effective!