These testimonals have been submitted by some of the clients that I have worked with. These are all authentic and demonstrate just some of the successes that my clients are enjoying as the result of sessions with me

"I cannot thank Lucy enough for the hypnotherapy sessions I underwent to overcome my long standing fear of flying. Lucy’s approach put me at complete ease, she really took the time to understand my anxiety, and to understand the aspects that caused my fear. She really put me at ease during the sessions, and I had complete trust in her ability to help me. At no time was I afraid during the session, and it was very easy for me to relax. Having flown twice since the two sessions, I was amazed and had absolutely no fear getting on the plane, and throughout the flight and landing. I cannot thank Lucy enough for her support on this, it has been amazing!" MM - Bicester

"I cannot recommend Lucy highly enough. Being a little nervous about hypnotherapy, she put me at ease straightaway and has taught me valuable lessons about keeping calm when feeling stressed. Thank you Lucy." LW - Stockport

"I asked Lucy for help to relieve the stress and anxiety that I felt in my busy working day as a secondary school teacher. From the first, I could see how professional and dedicated Lucy was. She had done background research into my particular needs and planned a personalised and relevant course of treatment. I had been a little sceptical initially, but it only took a couple of sessions to convince me of the beneficial effects of my sessions with Lucy. Not only did she give me coping strategies, but the actual sessions were extremely relaxing. Colleagues noticed positive effects and commented on my more relaxed approach to daily demands. I am definitely a convert and am delighted to have been able to go to Lucy for help." LA - Prestwich

"I am so thankful to have found Lucy! I have always had a huge fear around flying, but it was impacting my life because I wanted to travel and my partner loves travel photography. After my sessions with Lucy, this has completely changed. I used to feel physically sick and would get bouts of insomnia on the weeks leading up to my flight but now instead of dreading my holiday I can look forward to it. Though I do still get some small nerves it is easy to handle and all of my physical symptoms have completely gone, which is amazing." JS - Oldham

"For 12 months I was struggling in many aspects of my life including depression, anxiety, and sleep pattern problems which just seemed to go round in a circle. Not only did Lucy help me with all these struggles, she was easy to talk to and trustworthy. I would strongly recommend anyone who is struggling in these areas to give Lucy a try. I was very sceptical to begin with but would not hesitate in the future!" MA - Whitefield


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